The school librarian, Mr. Marker, knows the library has 1,400 books but wants to reorganize how the books are displayed on the shelves. Mr. Marker needs to know how many fiction, nonfiction, and resource books are in the library. He knows that the library has four times as many fiction books as resource books and half as many nonfiction books as fiction books. If these are the only types of books in the library, how many of each type of book are in the library?Draw a tape diagram to represent the total number of books in the library.

Accepted Solution

Answer:200 resource books800 fiction books400 nonfiction booksStep-by-step explanation:Let's define x as the amount of resource books that are in the library. As he has four times as many fiction books as resource books, that means he has 4*x fiction books. We also know he has half as many nonfiction books as fiction books, that is 1/2*4*x = 2*x nonfiction books. We just need to find out the value of x. We know there are 1,400 books in total and there are just 3 types of books. Therefore, if we sum all of them, we get the 1,400. Written in math language, that is x + 4x + 2x = 1,400 7x = 1,400 We divide by 7 on both sides and we get 7/7x = 1,400/7 x = 200 Now we replace the x with 200 to know how many books he has of each type: Resource books = x = 200 Fiction books = 4*x = 4*200 = 800 Nonfiction books = 2*x = 2*200 = 400 Therefore, there are 200 resource books, 800 fiction books and 400 nonfiction books in the library. The tape diagram is attached as an image.