Complete the statements to find the measurements of ∠a and ∠b .

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. 1202. 603. 60,604. 60Step-by-step explanation:Hello :)This is a fairly easy question if we work it through step by step. Let's get to it!Adjacent angles are two angles that have a common side and a common vertex, and they both equal to 180 degrees. In this case with angle a and 120 degree angle, they are both adjacent angles. So in the first box, angle a and the 120 degrees would equal to 180 degrees. Solve for angle a and you get 60 degrees.To find the angle for b, we have to adknowledge that all triangles have an overall angle of 180 degrees. Since a is 60 and c is 60, the only answer left is 60 for angle b also.