At Prairie Elementary School, students are asked to pick their lunch ahead of time so the kitchen staff will know what to prepare. On Monday, 6 times as many students chose hamburgers as chose salads. The number of students who chose lasagna was one third the number of students who chose hamburgers. If 225 students ordered lunch, how many students chose each option if hamburger, salad, and lasagna were the only three options?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answer is 150 hamburgers, 25 salads and 50 lasagnasStep-by-step explanation:The number we need to obtain in first place is the number of salads, we obtain that number by doing estimates until the numbers fit the total that the question is asking for.So in this problem if we have 25 students ordering salad, and 6 times as many students ordered salad ordered hamburgers that gives us 150 students who ordered hamburgers, and the third part of the number of students who order hamburgers, ordered lasagna the result number is 50, which gives us a total of 225 students who ordered lunch with their respective items.The most important quantity to calculate is the one that is going to be multiplied and divided in order to obtain all the numbers that are requested.