Did you know that anything you write with a normal pen can be used for fraud? Mostly the fraud is used when writing a check. This fraud called “Check Washing” is a growing form of fraud.
The reason it is called “Check Washing” is because criminals take your check, generally out of your mail box, and put your check into chemicals to wash off what you have written leaving your signature then make the check out to them self and cash your check.
In 2006 the government said this was an $800,000,000.00 fraud and in 3 year this amount would double. The reason it because it is such an easy fraud to perform. Unlike any form of electronic indemnity theft they don’t need to know anything about computers to perform this fraud. And even more the chemical they use is a readily available at most grocery stores. It is a common form of acetone, which is paint thinner or remover. The acetone does not harm your check at all but in 3 minutes it will clear who you made the check out to. The other thing about acetone is it dries so quickly that takes about 20 seconds for the check to dry so the check is not wet long enough to damage the fibers of the check.
So how can you stop this happening to you?
Most pens use a dye based ink. What you need is a gel pigment ink to write your checks. That is the reason so many pen manufactures suddenly came out with the “Gel” pens. Uni-ball 207 was one of the first popular “Gel” pens, and then Pentel and others soon followed.

Now your probally asking yourself, how does this relate to politics?

Well check out my next post called “Did I really elect the Preisdent” to find out!

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