Writing your congressman is an important right you have as a citizen of the United States. If you have an issue or petition you would like to bring up to him, sending a letter is a great way to do that. It is important to recognize that your congressman gets tons of mail each day and may not get to each letter for days if not weeks. That is why we recommend you do more than just write them, but also post your letters here!

Step 1)
Find the name and address of your congressman. It may be easier for you to write your congressman an email than mailing a letter.

Step 2)
Determine the main point of your letter. Get to the point in your letter fast and explain yourself clearly.

Step 3)
Write about only one issue in your letter.

Step 4)
Include detailed information about your situation.

Step 5)
Include your real contact.

Step 6)
Be pleasant.

Step 7)
Be patient for a response, and don’t get discouraged if the response isn’t what you hoped. Just keep writing other representatives if your cause is that important to you.

Step 8)
Post your letter to Yes-23.com so that you can get some added attention to your situation or concern.

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