When a actress like, Meryl Streep, who lives in a mansion and lives in a world of make believe, slams the office of the President of the United States. Instead of being the lady “full of grace”, that I remember her as while I was growing up, I hear that she jumped on the band wagon of “Anti-Trump” supports. Really? What does the accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award have to do with Politics?

Oh that’s right according to the “Elite” Hollywood they are “BOTH” Actors.

On the other side of the world from hollywood, in the state of Florida. You have a Florida Woman, who shot a teenage intruder who was robbing her home. And the response by the family is a little mind blowing when they say, “You have to look at it from every point of a child raised in the hood” and “how is he going to get his money to buy clothes to go to school”. The people saying this want you to believe that him being a thief was ok and right.

You will find thousands of stories just like these and more floating around social media of today. Some are fake and some are real. Some are intended to be mind blowing and get your attention.

I personally think all the stories coming out of Hollywood are just “publicity stunts” to get the publics attention back on “Hollywood” instead of “Washington DC”.  Maybe because more people than ever before are more interested in what the President-Elect has to say than someone reading lines written for them.


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