I found a video from Speaker: Evan Sayet recorded in 2007. While watching the video it made me think, at first, he was talking about today’s politics.  Mordern Liberals have not changed.  Modern Liberal winds up on the wrong side of every issue.  Sayet explains how anyone who isn’t a lockstep leftist is confronted with an uncomfortable choice: think and be accused of bigotry and hate, or avoid it and be welcomed into the arms of the “progressive” family. To put it simpily, Leftists have turned thinking into a hate crime.

Indiscriminate means affecting or harming many people or things in a careless or unfair way.  To use the word: They participated in the indiscriminate slaughter of countless innocent victims.

Determination means direction or tendency to a certain end. To use the word: What he lacked in talent he made up for in determination.

Indiscriminate Determination then would mean, Harming many people in a unfair way to the direction of a certain end.

Later Evan Sayet did another video in 2013 that was eventually used by one of the nation’s leading intelligence experts to create a computer model to help anticipate terrorist attacks and other violence coming from the Left. Sayet sets out to show in practice how his theory holds up when tested by reality. He provides illustration after illustration in compelling and often humorous fashion. Of course, modern liberals may not agree with his assessment.

Modern Liberal’s thinking leads people to side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.

I have provided the videos here so you can judge for yourself.

If you are as interested in this subject (with some humor mixed in) as I am you can find many more videos by Evan Sayet by serching his name.

to add some humor to this I leave you with this: Modern Liberals

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