WOW! Could it be the principal used common sense to avoid a major problem, like a big fight or worse? These are teenagers, they sometimes don’t think about the consequences of their actions. If I were the principal I would have made the same decision. In todays environment situations like this are extremely volatile. If a school is 40% minority and a few of the majority do something perceived as an affront there will surly be a problem, usually violence. I would not want to be the principle who ignored this situation, would you?

We all should be allowed to celebrate our heritage as part of our rights as Americans, but if a few decide to make a statement in opposition to this celebration they should not be surprised when the inevitable happens and there are consequences to there actions. I think the talking heads and the news media and all others should look at this an intelligent decision on the principals part and not make this a political or racists issue.

Whether or not the American flag wearing students had the right to wear these shirts is not the real issue for the school, Providing a safe place for our kids to learn is. What is really problem is that our country has come to a place where we are categorized by our ethnicity and given titles such as XXXX Americans and not just Americans.

I think celebrating ones heritage is a positive thing but I also believe we should celebrate our common bond as Americans.

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