I was telling my husband that if Hillary joins in the fight about this recount I was going to puke.  Well, I guess, I will have to puke now because the two-faced Hillary is doing what she condemned Trump for implying when he said “We will have to wait and see” to the question about respecting the election results.  Judge Jeanine Pirro’s video says it like it is!  She calls out Hillary using Hillary’s own words!


This is my other post where I said “She conceded”  just like Judge Jeanine Pirro says now.  I do not see any good in a re-count it will cost lots of money that could be better spent else where and I do not want my TAX money spent of a re-count!  So let’s do the math.  It would take ALL 3 states to change to have any effect, just changing 1 or 2 would have no effect.  From all 3 states the votes would need to change by 103,519 votes (as of Nov 26th Count results.) Michigan: 10,704 votes.  Wisconsin: 22,177 votes.  Pennsylvania: 70,638 votes.   I personally think they are spitting in the wind.

Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Marc Elias said Clinton’s campaign had vetted the election’s integrity and found no actionable evidence of outside interference in the election. So with that in mind and to note that the deadline to seek a recount is November 30 in Michigan. Michigan conducts automatic recounts in elections with margins of less than 2,000 votes (not the case here), but allows any candidate to request one if the candidate “believes that the canvass of the votes cast on the office may be incorrect because of possible ‘fraud or mistake’ in the precinct returns may petition for a recount of the votes cast in the precincts involved.”   I ask you, what precincts does Jill Stein think were fraud?  Is she really raising the money on a recount that she was clearly only at 1% of the votes or is she planning to pocket a large pot for herself in the end?  Because surely she will not be giving back any overages to the donators.

This is just ONE MORE thing to add to the list of things the Dems are doing to cause turmoil in America instead of Helping America.

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