When I say Middle America I do not mean in terms of the map and being in the center.  What I mean is, not Rich and not in total poverty.  We are talking the Middle Class the Working Class.  We are talking the big bulk of America.  Middle America is not the children of all ages still living at home living off their parents incomes.  Middle America is the parents of those children of all ages.  Middle America is not the children of all ages going to college were most their parents “Middle America” are footing the bill.  Middle America is not the socialites that live in “Hollywood” living in their make-believe fantasy world.  Middle America is also not the over paid political “Actors” in Washington DC.  Middle America is also not the people living on the street asking for hand outs for their next meal.  Middle America as the hard-working people who go to work everyday or maybe worked long enough to be living on a pension.  They have bills to pay every month and most live paycheck to paycheck.

Middle America is getting smaller and smaller with more of them falling off into the world of poverty as their jobs are being lost to things like automation and outsourcing.  Automation like when gas stations changed over from full service to self-serve and like nowadays when fast food restaurants are converting from people taking your order to computerized kiosk taking your orders and department stores are closing and moving their products to an on-line store.  Outsourcing to other countries as business owners are finding it is cheap and better for their bottom line and profits to find workers outside of America.

And most of all Middle America, the bulk of the tax-payers of all America.  The rich have their loop holes and the poor don’t have any money is it is left to Middle America to pay the debt of America.  The rich and famous want all their speciality programs to either get richer or programs that are supposed to help the poor to ease their minds.  But do the rich foot the bill? No middle America does.  20 Trillion in debt and growing and Middle America getting smaller.  Logic says the math does not work and we are all headed for a fall.

This is why I think Donald J Trump won the election.

He focused on Middle America and they stood up and were counted.  Middle America were tired of being taken for granted and being stomped on.  Middle America was just plain tired of the rich and political agenda people taking (stealing) their money and giving them less and less each year.  Yes, Donald J Trump is rich, but he talked to Middle America like he was one of them.  Instead of talking only within his circle of rich friends Donald J Trump tweets to the people.  He tells you what he thinks about this and that and it is refreshing to get it direct instead of hearing it from a news source that has spinned and spun it into something that “They” what you to hear.

Does Middle America agree with Everything Donald J Trump thinks?

No I do not believe that any one person can be President and have people agree with “Everything”.  But I do think that Middle America agreed with more of his policies than others.



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