I have been watching the events of late and I can say that in my lifetime I have never seen our nation in such a confused state. I was very active during the health care bill process and much to my dismay it passed. We are now finding out what the impact of that bill is going to be. The financial reform act was also passed, so quickly I didn’t really have time to post much on what it was doing, again we are slowly finding out the impact of this bill.

I am watching with great dismay, the racial component that has once again become a mainstay of the political conversation. This is very discouraging to me because I believe it is a distraction, designed to sway public opinion away from the issues facing out nation.

The current administration and democratic controlled Congress are spending money at an alarming rate. This theory is based on something called “Keynesian economics”. I looked at this theory and what really struck me was the fact that it states that you should spend and lower taxes during an economic crises and reduce spending  and raise taxes during good times. What I noticed is that the Progressives want to raise taxes and spend during this crises. Wow! Seems to me they can even get this right.

I am very confused as far as our borders are concerned. What is the problem with stopping the invasion of foreign nationals coming into our country ILLEGALLY? Why is it tied to “comprehensive immigration  reform”? Why are many Hispanics upset with those of us who want to stop this invasion? Our government is one of the largest promoters of racial profiling I have ever seen. Have you ever filled out a government form that did not ask you your race? What is the point of this practice? If you don’t know you really are missing the point. It is all about control and dollars. It is that simple. I believe that until we as a country stop dividing everyone into sub-groups, we will always have a cultural divide. All of this makes me wonder why second or beyond generation Hispanics are so emphatic about allowing this invasion to continue. I really just don’t get it, if you are an american citizen and you have lived here all your life, why aren’t you concerned with what this practice is costing Americans? The political “spin” is that the illegals do jobs Americans won’t do and our economy will be negatively impacted, tell that to the union construction worker who can’t work because he has been undercut by illegals and cheap pay. They other side says it’s a cheap labor thing, hmmm may be a little truth to both sides, but the argument should not even be happing because the illegals should not be here.

Our economy is in shambles and the stimulus did not work, PERIOD. I really don’t believe what this administration is selling. The market is so up and down it is a joke, unemployment is still very high and no new jobs are being created by the private sector. This is because they cannot get a clear picture of the tax increase that are coming or what impact all the new legislation is going to have on them. You can spin the stimulus results anyway you want but the facts are that the money has been spent on worthless BS that produced no new jobs. Don’t give me the political line that many teachers, cops and firemen are still working because of the stimulus money. They could have done that with a specific  bill that spent much less and accomplished the same thing.

I guess in closing I will say that I am very confused. The President is saying we cannot return to the failed policies of the Bush administration. I contend we cannot move forward with the failed policies of the the Obama administration.

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