Donald Trump won the Election. Hillary Clinton conceded and that should have been the end of it!

but now the Democrat party has resorted to:

Threaten to leave the country


Complaining about the popular vote

Block family and longtime friends on social media



Destroying Public and Private Property

Burning the American Flag and effigy of Trump

Threatening Murder of both Trump and Police

Bribe electorial college to make Faithless Vote

Manipulate and Spin the Major Media News 

Demand a manual recount of Votes (which introduces the element of human error) 

What’s Next?

Now as far as winning the popular vote goes take a serious look at one County’s votes (not a statewide vote just a county) and it will explain the 2 million vote lead

County Votes:  Hillary Clinton 2,110,538 – Donald Trump 681,971 —- that is 75% of the 2 million right there

The State that this county resides in the votes are:   Hillary Clinton 8,021,534 – Donald Trump 4,196,371 —- Which is over the 2 million votes.

Can you GUESS what County this is?   If you said Los Angeles County then you guessed right!

So should we let one county decide the outcome of the election for the whole Country.

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