Donald John Trump is not even President yet, he is only the President-Elect. He has already kept 2,000 U.S. Jobs From Moving to Mexico.  If he can do this not even being in office yet, I think he could really make a differance to the real unemployment rate in the US.

The unemployment rate was 7.8% the month Obama was sworn in. It hit a high of 10% in October 2009.  But far too many are still being left behind. A fact often masked by a declining unemployment rate and a low labor force participation rate.  The Regular Unemployment rate does not count what is called “Long Term Unemployment” . Basically the unemployment rates you see normally “Do Not” include that people that have dropped off the unemployment radar after their unemployment funds have run out.

Here is a visual revjan-2016-state-unemployment-rate-mapsion of the masked unemployment rate in Jan 2016:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ much-followed unemployment rate only tracks individuals who don’t have a job and have actively looked for work in the last four weeks. So although the rate moved down, several analysts think this was because many Americans simply stopped looking for work.

“On the surface, a decline in the unemployment rate suggests improvement in hiring as more of the unemployed are put back to work,” Lindsey Piegza, chief economist at Stifel Fixed Income, wrote in a research notes. “This time, however, the decline in the unemployment rate was the result of hundreds of thousands of Americans dropping out of the labor force rather than finding gainful employment.”

What she is saying is: The total number of Americans not counted in the labor force. Some of whom are retired or in school. But others are of whom likely have given up on trying to land a job. The number climbed by more than 660,000 to roughly 94.7 million.

The Harris Poll helps shed some harsh light on the scope of long-term unemployment in the U.S. About 51 percent of more than 1,500 unemployed respondents hadn’t been involved in a job interview since 2014. This means they likely wouldn’t be captured in monthly unemployment statistics.

 Forty-three percent of all unemployed individuals, and 59 percent of those who had been without a job for more than two years, said they’d “given up” on looking for a job. Overall, the survey suggests millions of Americans could be on the employment sidelines and beyond the reach of government statistics, without any hope of getting back in the game.
So in Conclusion

I think every job that can be saved or created by the not yet President is a win-win for all of us.  He still has 2 months before becoming the President, let’s see how many more jobs he will create and save.

President George Washington and President-Elect Donald Trump are two businessmen who sacrificed themselves to make America great again. Two leaders committed to unifying a great divide.

Also one of the articles I found that is from a well informed Economy Reporter, Andrew Soergel, for US News has a very good explaination of the “REAL” unemployment. it is titled “Unemployment Indicators Only Tell Part of the Story



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