In this video I think it explains why the Electoral College is Important!

I love how it explains that a popular vote would be like: 2 wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner.

The Electoral College serves a purpose and changing it changes the purpose to one of political tyranny ripe for fraud and corruption.


Now many are demanding that the Electoral College make a faithless vote.

First thing I say is Hillary conceded or in other words “She threw in the towel”

Next in the petition where they are trying to get Electors to make faithless votes.  They stated they “would pay their fees”.  Now isn’t this sound more like a bribe and then would be illegal?

So it seems to me that the Democates all over the nation are calling for an amendment to name a president strictly by popular vote or electorates to be faithless, because they believe voices in California matter more than those in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

I guess the more and more I hear about Hillary and the coruption it just figures the people that supported her are acting this way.

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