I am watching a continuous effort to discredit President-elect Trump even before he is sworn in let alone implemented any policies.

Now the green party candidate wants a recount in 3 states even though she did not even receive enough votes to be a contender. In addition we have Democratic electoral college voters organizing to sway the Republican electoral college voters to vote for anyone but Donald Trump.

The news media and many others are making an issue of Ms Clinton winning the popular vote in an effort to delegitimize President-elect Trump’s winning the election. We witnessed the same attempt in 2002 when Al Gore lost to G W Bush.

There are many other examples of the left trying everything possible to reverse the results of this election but I have neither the time nor the space to list them.

The point of this post is simply this, Trump won, the rest lost in a fair and legal election. To all of these aforementioned people, you need to remember we are not a pure democracy, it is not “one person, one vote” so please stop the rioting, please stop the whining, please stop trying to change the rules after the game is played and you lost. In other words, grow up, everyone doesn’t get a trophy for just showing up.

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