Cap-SpendLet me start this by saying I am not against clean air and water or reducing healthcare costs. Having said that, let me ask the question, are your for a 40% plus increase in your electric bill every month? Are you for paying more and getting less for your healthcare coverage? Are you for an increase in your federal income tax? I’m not!

While we are passionate and focused on healthcare reform the house is working on the next great legislative “rip-off,” Cap and Trade. In simple terms this bill places a cap on the amount of carbon that industry produces and allows them to trade or buy carbon credits for any amount produced in excess of that limit.

Each company will get approximately 88% in credits but the remaining amount will passed on in cost to the consumer. Senator Boxer and company have decided that each ton of carbon is valued at $28. The energy industry has done the math and the results based on these numbers will result in around a 40% increase in all of our power bills. If you look further into this you will find an embedded cost in everything we buy. The result will be realized in higher cost to the consumer.

Companies will look for a less costly, less regulated place to manufacture their products and move to that place. Net result will be fewer American jobs, less tax revenue and no reduction in carbon emissions world wide.

We Americans seem to feel that, if it doesn’t effect me, so what? This bill will affect each and everyone of us. When we are forced to swallow all the sweeping changes that are coming out of this legislative body and administration our income will be reduced significantly.

Our legislators don’t really care about our well being nor do they care about the basic american way of life. It has come down to agenda’s, how much can they control the people of this country to ensure their continued power?

These folks don’t believe that your money is yours. It is theirs and they will tell you how much you get to keep! Just look at California, big screen televisions are soon to be outlawed. Now I realize California is broke, hmm I lived there and I can tell you it is because of the social programs put in place over many years without regard to the cost. I now live in another state.

Between the bailout, stimulus, appropriations bill, healthcare reform and cap and trade our deficit is growing beyond belief. The total disregard for our money is mind boggling. This is another example of the government knowing what is best for us. I don’t want anyone taking care of me or my money!

The First Lady made a comment awhile back saying “for the first time in her adult life, she was proud to be an American”. Well let me say that for the first time in my adult life I am afraid to be an American. This country may never recover and be the economic giant it once was, and that will be because of these initiatives. The tooth paste is almost out of the tube. Please folks wake up and let those folks in Washington know we are awake and nowhere as stupid as they think we are.

To my liberal friends please look at your wallets and realize that the impact to you is as great as it is to the rest of us.

I don’t want to look back several years from now and say I told you so. It will be too late to fix the problems that we will face from these sweeping changes to our way of life. Please call or write your representative or senator or even the President. Express your concerns with respect but express them over and over again.

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