borrow-moneyThere is a e-mail floating around and it seems this has been passed around before.  But this is something I felt was worthy of mentioning again.

You will never be so complacent again after reading this if you never check your receipts at the check out.  I know I many times am so busy with my daily life that I just hurry though the store and can’t wait to get checked out that I take the receipt and thank the cashier and is off on my merry way.

It is our own fault if this scam happens to us.  Our fault for not double checking our receipts.  I am not saving things like this happen all the time, but it could happen.  It also my not be deliberate but no matter would you want to just give your money away like this?

Ok enough of my babble here is the e-mail.

It happened at Wal-Mart (Supercenter Store #1279, 10411 N Freeway 45, Houston, TX 77037 a month ago. I bought a bunch of stuff, over $150, & I glanced at my receipt as the cashier was handing me the bags.  I saw a cash-back of $40.  I told her I didn’t request a cash back & to delete it.  She said I’d have to take the $40 because she couldn’t delete it.  I told her to call a supervisor.  Supervisor came & said I’d have to take it.  I said NO!  Taking the $40 would be a cash advance against my Discover & I wasn’t paying interest on a cash advance!!!!!  If they couldn’t delete it then they would have to delete the whole order.  So the supervisor had the cashier delete the whole order & re-scan everything!  The second time I looked at the electronic pad before I signed & a cash-back of $20 popped up.  At that point I told the cashier & she deleted it. The total came out right. The cashier agreed that the electronic pad must be defective. Obviously the cashier knew the electronic pad was defective because she NEVER offered me the $40 at the beginning.

Can you imagine how many people went through before me & at the end of her shift how much money she pocketed?

Just to alert everyone.  My co worker went to Milford, DE Wal-Mart last week. She had her items rung up by the cashier.  The cashier hurried her along and didn’t give her a receipt.  She asked the cashier for a receipt and the cashier was annoyed and gave it to her.  My co worker didn’t look at her receipt until later that night. The receipt showed that she asked for $20 cash back.  SHE DID NOT ASK FOR CASH BACK!  My co-worker called Wal-Mart who investigated but could not see the cashier pocket the money.  She then called her niece who works for the bank and her niece told her this. This is a new scam going on. The cashier will key in that you asked for cash back and then hand it to her friend who is the next person in line.

Please, please, please check your receipts right away when using credit or debit cards!

This is NOT limited to Wal-Mart, although they are the largest retailer so they have the most incidents

I am adding to this. My husband and I were in Wal-Mart North Salisbury and paying with credit card when my husband went to sign the credit card signer he just happen to notice there was a $20 cash back added.   He told the cashier that he did not ask nor want cash back and she said this machine has been messing up and she cancelled it. We really didn’t think anything of it until we read this email.

To make matters worse …THIS SCAM CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE, AT ANY RETAIL OR WHOLESALE LOCATION so ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS because ultimately you are the responsible one.

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