First a question, hasn’t been nice having Congress on vacation? They haven’t screwed anything up while they have been off celebrating the last big lie. Oh well on with the fuzzy math and spin. For the last year or so we have been hearing how 95% of Americans had their income taxes reduced. My question is that if 48% of americans don’t pay any income tax how can 95% get a tax break? If you do the basic math 100 minus 48 you get 52, not 95. Considering how the current administration keeps saying anyone making over 200k a year as a single person is rich and should pay more in taxes did they get a tax break too? I wonder how they arrived at the 95% number, don’t you?

Lets look at some of the effects of the so-called stimulus. First they still haven’t spent over $500 billion and unemployment is still at almost 10%, the money in the stimulus was not for job stimulus as they told us. If you read this bill you find studies and commissions and green research and on and on. The last big boondoggle I saw was for a wind power plant in Texas. Sounds like that might be money spent on America right? Well, $1.9 billion went to China for component parts. Why did this happen when there was seed money for American companies to start building these items? I guess the Chinese needed jobs too. It seems to me that almost everything we hear from our government is a load of bull anymore.

Aren’t you tired of all the lies and half truths? We are now saddled with a new health care plan that, despite all the sales talk from the government will lead to higher cost and lower coverage. The wonderful representatives who forced this on us don’t even know what is in the bill or the unintended consequences of this piece of legislation.

It is interesting to me how the focus of these people is so geared to growing government and shrinking our freedoms. Just look at all the eminent domain issues occurring throughout the country by all levels of government. They don’t get much news coverage but are on the increase every year. They are done for the public good according to the government but I feel it is an invasion of our rights.

There are just to many things happening lately to write about but I really believe that America is headed to place unlike any in our history. Since when was it evil to make money, grow a company or enjoy the results of your effort and hard work. Since when did we need the government deciding what was best for us as a whole? Let me put it in these terms. Would you really let Obama make your everyday life decisions for you? Tell you how to spend your money, where to live, how to raise your kids? Wake up he and Pelosi and Reid and company are doing just that.

Honorable Evan Bayh

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