I have been a little remiss in posting lately. To tell you the truth my frustration over the politics and posturing is the blame. What are our politicians doing for us, to us? They gave us credit reform, and the interest rates went up and credit limits went down. Now this is not a bad thing because I believe we use credit to much for immediate gratification and anything that stops folks from getting over their head is probably not a bad thing, however this was an unintended consequence and not really something they planned.

Now they given us health care/insurance reform. We really don’t know what the unintended consequences of this bill are, but they are already telling us that it is going to cost more than they projected. I suspect that our cost will go up and our benefits and available services will go down. They really didn’t fix Medicare, they claim they made it solvent for a few more years, we’ll see. If you are making under $30k you are going to be on Medicaid, but did you know that there are a lot of rules that you will need to conform to that you may not like? Many years ago I was on this program and the monthly reporting was a lot of work. In addition if you took out a loan for anything they counted it as income and it affected your share of cost or your eligibility to remain on the program. I am sure the rules have not changed that much so think before you buy that big screen on credit.

All of the gifts from ┬áthe government cost us money. The stimulus package that hasn’t created any jobs, the budget for this year are adding to the deficit and the national debt, which has reached a point were we will be paying more in interest than we can afford, let alone paying it off. Now we are hearing about increases in many types of taxes. Hmmm, give the government money for a specific task and watch them spend it on many other things.

What’s next? Financial reform is the leading contender. I wonder what this will accomplish and why now, after a year is it so important that we need to rush it through the system. If it was this important why did health care reform come first? What will this bill do to us and our future? What about protecting our borders? All the candidates told us it was priority one, including Obama, so what is the holdup?

I guess the politicians on both sides of the isle are more concerned with getting re-elected, special interest groups, and their ideologies or party agendas than they are the American people.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the size of government to grow, I don’t want the government to tell me what to eat or how to spend my money or decide I make enough money. Obama actually said he thinks there should be a limit on how much some folks make. I wonder it that applies to him?

I don’t think the government is here to help me, nor do I want them too. I want them to get the spending under control, say what they mean and mean what they say.

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