God gave us free will, we can choose to do the right thing or not. It is our choice. The government seems intent on limiting our right to choose what is best for ourselves or our children.

I see more and more groups and organizations intent on stopping us from doing everything from smoking to eating. They have good reasons and many of the things they want to stop us from choosing to do are not good for us and we know it.

I used to not worry about all these groups but I now realize they are  part and parcel of the government and many ridiculous things are being considered and implemented by this government.

Did you know that a group in California is actually proposing a ballot initiative preventing circumcision? We can laugh at this but we may find it passed.

I don’t want to list all the silly things that are being proposed, you have heard most of them already, but I must say that each little thing the government takes is a bite our of out freedoms.

Anyone can justify almost anything and make a convincing argument for their point of view, but the basic premise in this country used to be, my rights end where yours begin, it used to work pretty well.

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