When people talk about fixing the American Economy it is not simple.  The economy has been broken for years and will not be fixed over night.  Now the liberals will tell you we will take from the top 1% and have them pay for the rest.  But, what and who does that help?  And who said it is the responsibly of the rich to pay for the lesser rich people?  ohh Robin Hood maybe?

I know this is not very popular to say, but what about “Everyone pay their fair share”  No tax breaks no deals and everyone pay the same percent rate?  And if you don’t work or make money you don’t get a refund you just get to pay 0 dollars.  No free rides anywhere including church exempt and such.  No deductions no cash back credits, just plain and simple everyone pays a flat percent and the corporations pay a set percent.

And while we are at it…. How about the debt in the US: $19,948,064,697,246 – The debt keeps growing‎.  Americans are in so much debt both personal and governmental it is crazy.  Yes I can see loans on houses and cars being a good thing but the credit card debts of Americans is so out of control that you will hear all these ads on “Fix your credit card debt” everywhere.  this remind you of them (Weighed down by creditcard bills? In part three of Real Simple’s get-out-of-debt series, learn insider strategies for zeroing out even a sky-high balance.)  It should come as no surprise that more consumers filed for bankruptcy or lost their homes in the last three years. Many are in line for a similar fate as the economy flirts with a double dip. At the end of it all, consumers are left staring at what remains of their once-great credit scores and wonder when they can get credit again.  And Welfare, hmm lets try counting how many able-bodied people are “lifetimers” of the Welfare system.

So if everyone was to pay their fair share in taxes and the government would seriously cut the debt spending and only spend the money they receive once a year then maybe, just maybe America could solve it’s American Economy.  And Yes I said it is not very popular and it is not what people want to hear.  Most of America lately sound like “What about me”, “What are you going to give me”,

In my life I have had many roles, some working in the community some working as a wife and mother (and yes done right this is a big job too).  In all that time, yes I did apply for welfare a couple of times, but as soon as I could I got off the welfare system too.  The times spent on welfare were right after a divorce and raising children on my own.  But within a few months I was on my feet and off the welfare system.  When I was working I always put money away each month (no matter how small it was at least something).  I did not own (my own that I signed up for) credit cards until later in life when I could afford to pay off a balance within a month or 2 or had saving to back up the amounts spent.  Yes I did have a bad patch where an ex-husband stole all the savings and charged up many credit cards he signed up for in my name.  Yes I filed bankrupt when my ex-husband stole my company but left me with the company debts.  But I learned from my past, that first you can’t trust an ex-husband, but mostly you can’t live with respect and be in “insurmountable” debt.  In all my years after leaving my parents house, only once did I ask for help in the form of money. But it saved me and my children for living on the street, unlike my daughter which for a time asked for money and 3 days later asked for even more and then more.  I finally had to tell my daughter she needed to get a job, instead she went to jail.

Now days I have a House Loan.  I have a car loan but enough savings to pay that off if needed.  I pay off my credit card every month, and I charge everything because it is simpler.  I retired from working out of the house recently without a penision to take care of my husband.  I semi-work from home in my own business.  Now I might not be able to afford tons of new “Things” but I live comfortably and happily.  I am debt free and pay my taxes.

So why did I just tell you about my life and stuff, well it is to let you know that I am not some rich kid living off my parents or something like that, that goes around spuing garbage.

And Like I said many might be mad about what I am saying, but if I can do it and many in America can do the same and have done the same. Then why can’t ALL of America do it?

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