In the news it says that Jill Stein missed the recount deadline for Pennsylvania. This would make it a scam.  Wanda Murren, from the Pennsylvania Department of State, was quoted as saying “the deadline for a voter-initiated recount was Monday, Nov. 21.”

My first thought was: “Didn’t this whole thing get started on or about Nov 21st?”  So I did a Google search and it showed that on Nov. 23rd Jill Stein “ANNOUNCED”  she was filing for a recount.

The best I could find was on the internet was this:

The Green Party, led by its nominee Jill Stein, announced on Wednesday that it would file for presidential recounts. The three states that gave Donald Trump his Electoral College majority—Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Less than 12 hours after Stein started taking donations, her campaign had stunningly raised $2.4 million dollars and said it would file in Wisconsin.

The Articles were posted Nov 24th and Wednesday was Nov 23rd. with many other news sources posting the same information.

So it is my conclusion

Is that this was a SCAM from the start when you START taking money from people in the form of “Donations” for something that is ALREADY two days past the DEADLINE.

It is also my conclusion that is “Also” Democratic Rhetoric when Clinton jumped on the Band Wagon the day before the Wisconsin deadline.

Are you going to tell me Jill Stien, Clinton, Clinton’s lawyers and all the people involved in the election process did not know before hand what the DEADLINES were?  That would be a miraculous feat!

I feel sorry for the poor duped people that “Donated Money” for this American Scam or Democratic Rhetoric.




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