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Welcome to Politics and the Common Man, where political opinions are voiced and heard!

RodZ is the common man, member of the “no longer” silent majority and like all of us he has political opinions. So sit down, relax, read and respond to what he has to say.

This blog is not a source of daily news, but is a collection of the recent topics of discussions as well as political, social, economical ideas and humor that could benefit the Common Man and are written by the Common Man. You don’t need a Ph.D to understand politics, just have beliefs and a concern for the future. This blog is also not for one side or another, but for all views, so we would hope that you would join us and speak your mind as well. The only thing we ask is keep it clean and rated for the Common Man.  Opinions and posts by the owners may be opinionated to thier beliefs but welcome deferring opinions from others as long as thet are respectful to all.

We are sure you have political opinions and would like for you to share them! If you would like to become a guest blogger please contact us.  If you would like to become an Advertiser or Sponsor of Yes-23 please contact us.


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The Common Man

The Common Man

The Common Man

Our main spokesperson and the Common Man is Rodz!


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Lady Kathleen

Lady Kathleen

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Our Website Designer and Lighter Side is Lady Kathleen!


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